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Shazam! Full Movie HD

Shazam! Full Movie HD

Shazam! Full Movie HDShazam! Full Movie HD

As the troubled DC Extended Universe finally finds its footing, after a quick sprint along no man’s land and a dip in the ocean, it finds itself in an odd situation – emerging, as it were, from an abusive past, determined to reignite its passion for life.

It goes on this journey of rediscovery along with Billy Batson, for whom superheroes mean diddly squat. Billy is a foster child, abandoned by a mother for whom he still searches. He has a history of running away from homes – not from his problems, but from the idea of stability. He can’t comprehend it.

Billy isn’t a pessimist, despite the cavalier vibe that he gives off, but his optimism is singular. He believes his mother is still out there, waiting for him, looking for him.
Billy and Thad are similar, in a way; they have unusual relationships with their parents – Billy with the mother who abandoned him, and Thad with the father who wishes he did.

Perhaps it is because of these similarities that they are summoned to the Rock of Eternity, face-to-face with a dying wizard determined to find his successor. After rejecting a young Thad for not having the decency required to take on the mantle of Shazam!, the wizard resumes his search, choosing Billy several years later. With no time to lose and a looming threat on the horizon, the wizard anoints Billy the keeper of the powers, which manifest every time he utters the word ‘shazam’.

Like the wizard, played by an always game Djimon Hounsou under a handsome wig, the DCEU is also looking for a certain ‘purity of heart’ and ‘strength in spirit’.

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