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Rangeela Full Movie HD

rangeela movie

Story: Raaybaa is an aimless youngster who is brash but has a heart of gold. He falls for the studious Shubhra and proposes to marry her. However, the girl’s father doesn’t approve  of Raaybaa.

Review: The Street Romeo falls in love with the government officer’s daughter. She doesn’t pay heed initially but gives in to his ‘charm’ and repeated attempts of wooing her. Now, the father doesn’t like the guy and challenges him to prove himself if at all he wants to marry his daughter. If you are having a feeling of déjà vu, you are not alone. This is the classic storyline of any south masala entertainer playing on your TV screen right now. Director Kedar Shinde just changes the setting and tries to make the film suitable for Marathi viewers.

Raaybaa (Andore) is the go-to man if anyone needs help. He is sharp and always up to do the right thing but his dismal performance in academics renders him useless in the eyes of his prospective father-in-law (Ponkshe). However, Shubhra (Muthukumar) is head over heels in love with Raaybaa by now and wants to marry him. But being the stickler for ‘quality’ that he is, the father-in-law puts a condition in front of Raaybaa in case he wants to marry Shubhra.

Kedar Shinde has delivered some pretty good movies in the past (Aga Bai ArechyaaJatra) and is known for his work in theatre as well. But in this film, the veteran director falters. Not only does the film look like a total rip-off of a south film but it doesn’t offer anything novel either. The protagonists put in their best and so do the supporting actors but that’s not enough to salvage a drowning ship.

If you like to watch the dubbed south movies on TV regularly, Rangeela Raaybaa might interest you. Otherwise, you can give it a miss.

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