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Neevevaro full Movie HD

Neevevaro full Movie HD

Neevevaro full Movie HD

Neevevaro full Movie HDNeevevaro Story: Kalyan, a visually challenged chef who runs his own restaurant, is a man who sees life beyond his disability. He’s ably supported by his family and friends and just when the going seems smooth, a girl Vennela alters his life-course and mysteriously disappears. How he takes the help of his childhood buddy Anu, a constable Chokka Rao to trace her whereabouts forms the plot of this thriller.

Neevevaro Review: It has indeed become a norm in Telugu films to portray the specially abled-lot beyond objects of sympathy. In Neevevaro, we have a leading protagonist Kalyan (Aadi Pinisetty) who’s visually challenged, is a chef who’s romped home many an award, can do his fair bit of action with the goons and his parents too don’t see his disability as a curse. His friends, family complete his world, he also looks set to marry his childhood interest (Anu played by Ritika Singh). A girl Vennela (Taapsee) enters Kalyan’s life, there are sparks, the two realise they’re soul-mates and his world turns tipsy-topsy overnight after her sudden disappearance.

Based on the Tamil movie Adhey Kangal, Neevevaro has an interesting premise involving a mix of crime, romance and thriller elements backed by a reasonably efficient cast, but the narrative takes too long to generate any momentum and sparkles only intermittently. Had the film primarily stuck to the story sans forced commercial liberties, things would have been slightly different. The songs become a hindrance to the plot. The story still moves at a decent pace though the tension in the plot is far from gripping. You smell deceit from a certain distance, but the film needed a juicier sub-plot beyond the quintessential twist.

The second hour gets some of the things right and better, the presence of Vennela Kishore in a tense plot could have been a distraction. Yet the comedian is in such infectious form that anything he does is worthy of a good laugh. He plays a constable Chokka Rao, who assists Aadi in connecting the dots between Vennela and a mysterious death. Aadi and Vennela Kishore share good on-screen camaraderie, even at times when the story disinterests you, it’s their equation and histrionics that give the film some much-needed impetus.

The film traverses multiple locations, some of the montages look to have been shot in a hurry, the hotel sign-boards reflect a few logical issues. There’s a Kona Venkat touch to the taut script. The role of Saptagiri as a true patriot with a stroke of humour, the satires that Vennela Kishore pulls off on Taapsee, lines like ‘she should be in Bollywood for her acting skills’ are entertaining, yet not exactly in coherence with the story.

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