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Murder Full Movie HD

Murder Full Movie HD

Murder Full Movie HD

Murder Full Movie HD

There aren’t too many crime thrillers being made in Sandalwood in the actual sense of the genre and that’s where Attempt To Murder fits in. The film is based on a real incident that shook Bengaluru and the film follows a tale that has ambition, crime, darkness and romance. Debutant director Amar has shown that he has style and can put together a good story. But excessive stylized sequences and song instead of an edgier portrayal of the crime story makes the film fall a little short of being a gripping tale that has the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout.

The film begins on an interesting note, with the viewers being introduced to the ATM killing and then the story progresses to show how two people, a journalist and an investigation officer arrested keen on finding out who the killer is, given that it is over two years since that fateful incident. Simultaneously, there is also a love story of an IT professional and her cab driver boyfriend that is shown. The two stories have a connect, as the film also shows a third track which is of the psychopath killer. The film tries to tie all the stories, but does not give that conclusion, as the filmmaker chooses to end with an announcement of a sequel to this film.

The film has some interesting moments and the cinematography and background score lift those. The unnecessary duet songs play breaks in the narrative that could have been a lot more edgier and compelling. The attempt, though, is sincere and can be watched once if you want to encourage a young team that means well and has its intentions in the right place.

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