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Gangster Full Movie HD

Gangster Full movie HDGangster Full movie HD

Gangster Full movie HD

Story: The film is about the life of Akbar, the gangster based in Mangalalore and his confrontations with rival gangs

Review: In Aashiq Abu’s Gangster, the main character Akbar is very unhappy. His face is blotted with permanent shades of sadness. Sometimes his looks become sullen like that of a man rooted in despair. It is as though he has been going through a trauma, a series of heartbreaks so bad that he is less a man than a machine. The disinterest and detachment on Akbar’s face befit that of a man who has bitterly lost a battle and finds no meaning in his life.

He is a gangster and it is evidently conveyed by the title. His eyes are supposed to glower with a consistency that should match a clock that never stops ticking. However this glower is seldom visible for it is often masked by sun-glasses. As for his garbs, he wears stylish, short, black jackets and variety of jeans. He breaks his perennial melancholy with rare utterances delivered by a studied movement of his lips that never open up beyond a prescribed limit.

Akbar’s life story is ‘gloriously’ reminiscent of a set of nostalgia. Although it comes cluttered, generous hearts would still welcome it. Ahmed Siddique and Abhilash Nair who have jointly written the tale of Akbar the gangster incite interest for the way they evoke the good old memories of countless films where a dazed boy would silently watch his father die and then spill over his rage, revenge and some nice collection of words in equal measure on the loathed villain who made him an orphan. The feeling of nostalgia is further enhanced by the animated action sequences that appear in the beginning and in the end, bringing back rich memories of cartoons that were watched and loved by generations without fail

Aashiq Abu, aimless and distracted he may be, places his full trust in his script and does his best to enrich it. As though gunshots and action sequences do not suffice, he stages the final revenge act in a place that runs from one narrow maze into another. Akbar is let loose with a knife in his hand. He slits so many throats and spills blood in swift, sharp moves accompanied by deafening swishes. He even incurs deadly blows himself but would come unhurt.

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Country:South Indian

Directors:Birsa Dasgupta

Writers:Birsa Dasgupta

Stars:Mimi Chakraborty, Saurav Das, Yash Dasgupta

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