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Ten Full Movie (Telugu) HD


  In this movie, Vikram is an outstanding driver, who is ready to try and do the unbelievable things. He will not introduce his name to any person. As he’s a transporter, he prefers to introduce himself with completely different names like James Bond, Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam. He is hired by …

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Raja The Great (2017) Telugu Full Movie

Raja The Great

Lucky (Mehreen) is the kind-hearted daughter of a doting cop-dad (played by Prakash Raj).  When a dreaded gang leader’s (played by Vivan Bhatena) brother is killed by Prakash Raj in a police operation, the gangster seeks to avenge the death by eliminating the cop and his daughter.  While the dad …

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Green Card Full Movie HD

Green Card

Peter Weir is a master of creating movies which chronicle the subtle interplay of human emotion. GREEN CARD, like his previous film WITNESS, has a strong moral undertone, although on the surface it chronicles the vagaries of the human condition. Thus, the film depicts the fragile psychological interaction between the …

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Radha Full Movie HD


Radha Krishna(Sharwa) is a fun-loving cop who goes to any extent to serve the department. One fine day, he is transferred to Hyderabad and gets into a tussle with a would-be chief minister Sujatha(Ravi Kissan). Upon investigation, he finds out that Sujatha is a dreaded criminal who is trying to …

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E Ee Telugu Full Movie HD

E Ee

Story:- Siddhu(Neeraj Shyam) is a young man who hates women completely. One fine day, a lady named Hasini(Nyra Shah) joins his office as his MD. Siddhu’s problems get even worse with time. One fine day, when Siddhu goes on a tour with his office mates, he gets into an argument …

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Hey Pillagada Full Movie HD

Hey Pillagada

Hey Pillagada Story: Siddarth (Dulquer) has massive anger issues and he keeps letting them get the better of him. Anjali (Sai Pallavi), who married him against her parents’ wishes is the only one who can seem to make him see reason. But what happens when Siddarth’s rage puts his beloved in …

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Okkadochadu telugu movie HD


  Arjun (Vishal) comes to Chennai to win over the heart of Divya (Tamanna) a psychology student. He achieves this by employing certain tricks with the help of his friend (played by Soori), a comic local rowdy and his assistants. Divya is the youngster sister of Chandrabose (Jagapathi Babu) the …

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Yuddham Sharanam Full Movie

Yuddham Sharanam

Yuddham Sharanam Story: How far can you go when the odds are stacked against you? Where do you find the strength to deal with the enemy when the lives at stake are those of your family? Yuddham Sharanam Review: A series of bomb blasts takes place in the city engineered by …

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Gruham (Telugu) Full Movie HD


Gruham STORY: A newly-wed couple move into a neighbourhood and have a tough time dealing with a revenge seeking spirit. But the spirit seems connected to their neighbours, so what do they do now? Gruham REVIEW: After ‘Anando Brahma’ and ‘Raju Gari Gadhi 2’, it is Siddarth’s ‘Gruham’ that has managed to …

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Anando Brahma Full Movie

Anandho Brahma 2

An NRI enlists the help of his cop-friend to sell off his ancestral home, but later hears rumours of it being haunted. Unwilling to let go of the property at a throwaway price, he asks a team of four quirky guys to spend a night in the house and prove …

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